A Faith-filled modern School

Summit School Helps Your Kids Fulfill Their God-Given Potential

Grounded in God

The Skills to Succeed

Tailored for Each Child

School should let children safely explore life’s Big Questions.

Traditional education methods can’t teach the modern skills students need, while secular schooling doesn’t make space for God at all. Parents can feel stuck choosing the right option. At Summit School, each child gets a personalized plan to develop a Christ-centered worldview along with the skills they need to excel in our modern world.

Now you can help your child reach their God-given potential.

"The team at Summit School is outstanding. Kristina and the guides are very supportive and always thoroughly prepared. They are unwavering in their commitment to our students and families. We couldn't be happier to be a part of the community."


"We have been at Summit School since it started.  Our heroes absolutely love it here and look forward to going to school every day.  The environment and culture of Summit School has a special way of bringing out the best in them, and one of those qualities adaptability.  With the Covid-19 situation, both the school and our girls have done a remarkable job at transitioning from in-school to remote learning.  We are so grateful to be connected to such stellar place of learning, both academically and practical life."


"Summit School has been such a blessing for our son and family. We were anxious how our son would fair in a traditional school setting and feared a loss in his creativity and general spirit. Summit School and their staff have been the absolute best fit for him. He has the opportunity to learn at his pace and focus on what he is eager to explore while being guided to a well rounded education."


"Summit School is the kind of school I wish I had when I was a kid!!! Focused on learning to learn, learning to do real stuff, and learning to be, Summit School empowers students to take ownership of their education and find a calling that changes the world. By the way, the campus is gorgeous - the perfect backdrop to such a unique and powerful learning experience. Your kid's gonna love it here - it's like nothing else in the area!"


"We love Summit School and can't stop telling anyone who will listen about our experience in discovering Summit. Our son is thriving in a way he never has in school. The philosophy behind Summit School as a student-driven learning environment is proving to be a great fit for him, and the intentionality of fostering curiosity and independence is preparing him for the real world in a way traditional education can't."


The 6 Core Values of Summit


We believe children are innately curious, and need a learning environment that cultivates their curiosity. Summit is focused to create an environment where creativity is the fuel for learning.

Developing Character

With purpose and Godly character, we believe our students will grow into their callings and change the world. We help them develop honesty, hard work, responsibility, kindness, and empathy.

Life-Long Skills

We believe in lifelong learning. Using Socratic discussion, Summit learners practice critical thinking, collaboration, and emotional intelligence, as they keep growing into the best version of themselves.

Individualized Learning

We believe children learn best on their own pathway. We encourage our learners to take responsibility for their own learning, think independently, and embrace challenges along the way.

Achieving Goals

Our learners set and meet their own individual learning goals. By taking responsibility, working hard, and leaning into teamwork, they are empowered to be the type of leaders our world is crying out for.

Like-Minded Community

We believe we’re a part of a bigger community, a like-minded tribe aligned around God’s purposes. We don’t have all the answers, but children, parents, and staff all have important parts to play.

Help your Child reach Their God-Given Potential.

3 Ways Your Child Will Develop at Summit

Core Skills

They’ll master reading, writing, and math at their own pace, through deliberate practice and the latest technology.


They’ll develop grit and character, uncover their unique gifting, and create genuine community with other students.


They’ll learn critical thinking and powerful communication skills through Socratic discussions on topics ranging from history to faith.

3 Steps to Join Summit School

Step One

Step One:
Schedule Your Tour

We want you to see Summit with your own eyes, and ask every question you have.

Step Two

Step Two:
Apply to Summit

The next step is to walk through our personal application process.
(You can apply here!)

Step Three

Step Three:
Jump into Community

Summit has a vibrant community of families, but we still have room for all you bring to the table!

Our Promise To Your Child

At Summit, your child will...

  • Deepen their understanding of God's goodness.
  • Discover what they were made for as they begin a Hero's Journey.
  • Develop into a curious, independent, and lifelong learner.
  • Establish strong character to ask tough questions and solve difficult problems.
  • Cherish Creation, the arts, and the mysteries of life on earth.
  • Appreciate economic, political and religious freedoms.
  • Value a healthy lifestyle of mind and body.

Want to know what Summit can do for your child?

At Summit, we call our classrooms "Studios", because our students are constantly moving, exploring, and getting their hands on different activities. Discover how our learning design helps children reach their God-given potential.

Kids At Play

Spark Studio

Pre-K - 1st Grade
Develop Curiosity.
Have Fun Doing It!

Growing Things

Discovery Studio

2nd - 6th Grade
Set Your Own Goals.
Ask Great Questions.


Adventure Studio

6th - 8th Grade
Develop Real World Skills.
Explore Through Learning.

Coming Soon

Launchpad Studio

9th - 12th Grade
Apprenticeships That Matter.
Get Ready For Real World Success.

Have Questions? We have Answers!

  • We chose the name Summit School because we wanted to describe a place where our children can reach their highest potential. A name that also evokes the idea that climbing to the peak of who they can be takes work, and grit. That Life and Learning are an adventure, and it’s the adventure of each of our lifetimes. Life isn’t linear, and we all go through challenges and transitions as we journey to the summit of our personal mountains. The name Summit School reminds us that God always has new summits for us to reach, new victories, possibilities, and horizons.
  • We serve a variety of ages at Summit School, with more on the way!
  • We are currently accepting students for our Spark Studio (Pre-K to 1st grade) and Discovery Studio (2nd to 6th grade).
  • We will open our Middle School studio in Fall 2021.
  • Our Launch Pad (High School) will open soon after.
  • Each studio will max out at 36 students.
  • Summit School is located in a historic home near downtown Waco, Texas at 1910 Austin Avenue.

  • Summit School runs ten months a year, with six week long “sprints” followed by a week off. Families love the balance between school and family time.
  • For summer break, we take seven weeks off. 
  • Tuition costs $7,200 per year.
  • Click here to view our current school calendar.
  • We believe that each of our students is uniquely made, and it’s our job to help them find a God-given passion (in this case, something that they love and have a gift to do). We believe that there are so many great needs to be filled, and that everyone can use their passions to make the world a better place. 
  • We also believe that each student has their own path to serving the people around them! Maybe they become a shoe-shiner who tells stories and makes people's day just by doing his job with love and vigor; it may be by becoming a coach who sees the light in a child’s eyes and guides her to pursue a dream; it may be by becoming a father or mother who leads a family on a Hero's Journey; it may be becoming an entrepreneur or business leader guided by compassion and integrity; or it may be by becoming an artist or writer who brings beauty to people's lives. 
  • We believe there are endless possibilities for students to discover how they can make a difference in the lives around them.
  • We focus on the American Experiment in our study of history for a variety of reasons. We aim to teach the value of liberty and justice as the ideals for the human experience. We believe in teaching both of those elements as part of God’s character, versus teaching a political agenda. We also talk about the freedoms of speech and religion, and the value of free markets to bring about opportunity for prosperity. 
  • In addition to experiential learning, we study the founding American documents and the meaning behind them. Then we apply these concepts to real world projects. Instead of just an academic understanding, we want our graduates to have a working understanding of the concepts that have shaped America.
  • That DOESN’T mean we don’t study other cultures and forms of government. We will. We want our students to discover for themselves why the American Experiment is unique.
  • Someone who is able to research questions, follow instructions, solve problems, participate in discussion, and strive for mastery...while also being able to admit that they don't know something and work to figure out a solution when they hit a roadblock (without having to ask an adult for help).
  • We measure student progress in several different ways:
  • We set Daily, Weekly, and Session goals between the student and the Guides.
  • We utilize robust real-time data for each of our online learning tools. At any given time both parents and Guides can find out exactly what their student is learning. It easily allows us to track progress, identify areas of struggle and close any learning gaps. While a student is working on an online assignment, the staff is alerted if a student gets more than 2 questions wrong in a row.
  • Because of our small class sizes, we are able to work one-on-one with the student to make sure that we can close gaps and help them master the skill. The web based programs don’t allow the student to move on to the next skill until the skill they are on has been mastered.
  • Each student builds an individual portfolio to showcase their best work, and they add to it as to they go along. We measure their growth through completed projects in History, Writer's Workshops, and any Quest they’ve participated in.
  • Though we never "teach to the test", we do give standardized tests each Fall & Spring to provide data that’s useful for benchmarking.
  • Yes and No! Summit School uses the best of Montessori methods: things like mixed-age classrooms, student choice within limits, large blocks of work time, learning through “discovery,” and freedom of movement in the classroom. 
  • Unlike Montessori, we go two important steps further by 1) using the very best 21st century eLearning tools available and 2) adhering to the Socratic method of instruction (which emphasizes asking and answering the right questions to stimulate critical thinking). 
  • Our students don’t just memorize facts, they learn how to know, learn how to do, and learn how to be.
  • Absolutely. We’re accredited by the International Association of Learner-Driven Schools.

  • We ARE. We believe that school should be a safe space to explore the big questions of life, and we don’t have all the answers. But our founders and staff love Jesus, and we’ve structured our learning environment to help our students explore and develop a Christian worldview. That said, while we’ve made a conscious choice to ground our school in Christian principles, we’re not a school of theology. We value and respect each individual's beliefs, and all are welcome. Our goal is not for Summit to be a dogmatic experience, but instead an environment where students can meaningfully explore academics AND faith in Jesus.
  • We are not trained or staffed to serve children with serious learning disabilities, special needs, or who need specialized attention. If you are interested in Summit School and believe it is a great fit for your family, please inquire and we will personally assess your unique situation and the fit of your young learner.
  • Summit School is an independent school (instead of a franchise or chain school), but we are supported by an affiliate network of Acton Academy schools. 
  • What does that mean practically? We receive inspiration and mentorship from the founding Acton Academy based in Austin, Texas.
  • We’re part of a vibrant network of schools passionate about revolutionizing education, pursuing best practices, while also agreeing to protect a learner driven environment. 
  • We’re independent, because each affiliate is free to follow their own methods in keeping with these commitments as they serve their local communities.
  • Pre-K Schedule Options
    • 3-Full Days (you pick the days)
    • 4-Full Days (you pick the days)
    • 5-Half Days
  • Kindergarten Options
    • 4-Full Days (you pick the days)
    • 5-Half Days

Why Is Summit Faith Based AND An Independent Learner School?

Summit is focused on being a school that helps each student explore the Christian worldview while remaining focused on their individual educational journey. Our founder, Kristina Baucom, shares why she had a change of heart in turning Summit into a faith-based school…

Want More Than Traditional Educational?
Watch How We Do It Differently Using The Acton Model.

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